Unimat heating boiler UT-L
Unimat heating boiler UT-L
Unimat heating boiler UT-L
Heating boiler

Unimat heating boiler UT-L

The UT-L is a particularly reliable and efficient heat generator with output from 650 to 25,000 kW at up to 16 bar. The design complies with the Gas Appliances Regulation. The heating boiler offers high performance and is extremely compact.

At a glance
  • Highly efficient heating energy from 650 to 25,000 kW with very high efficiency up to 105%
  • Compact design for easy positioning and effective use of heat
  • Flexible application and low return flow temperature of 50 °C possible
  • Specific control concept and optional real-time monitoring
  • Future-proof heat supply and options for CO2-neutral operation
  • Proven and durable Bosch system from a single source

The Bosch UT-L enables highly efficient production of heat and optimises energy costs with efficiencies up to 105% when used as a condensing boiler. Depending on the heat exchanger option, effective recovery of waste heat can result in fuel savings of up to 15% while reducing emissions.

The space-saving design makes it easy to position and install, especially in existing boiler houses. Thanks to its compact design with optimised water content and the Bosch thermal insulation concept, the UT-L responds particularly well to dynamic loads. It offers significantly more usable heat than other boilers on the market.

The UT-L is a consistently reliable heating boiler and ideal for large buildings or district heating grids. The permissible return flow temperature of at least 50 °C and large potential temperature difference up to 50 K mean this heating boiler is compatible across the board. For higher ratings, the UT-L can be used in an intelligently controlled cascade system.

Depending on your requirements, we can fit the UT-L with a compact control installed on the boiler or a custom-configured control system. The boiler system can be easily integrated in all common control systems. Optional remote access with alarm management increases availability and optimises response times.

The UT-L can be used flexibly with different fuel types or as a multi-fuel firing unit. The boiler and burner work effectively together to ensure NOx emissions are well below the strict regulatory thresholds. Alternative designs for CO2-neutral fuels such as hydrogen or biogas are also available, and can be retrofitted to existing systems.

The UT-L comes with coordinated components and pre-configured controls as a complete system, for easy planning, quick installation and highly reliable operation. With its three-pass construction, the heating boiler has proven itself thousands of times and is easy to maintain thanks to its good accessibility.

Technical data
Heat transfer medium
Safety pressure
Max. temperature
Data sheets
Low-pressure hot water
Three-pass flame tube/smoke tube technology
650 to 25.000 kW
up to 16 bar
up to 110 °C
Gas, oil, bio gas, bio oil, hydrogen
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