Unimat Hot Water Boiler UT-H
Unimat Hot Water Boiler UT-H
Unimat Hot Water Boiler UT-H
Hot water boilers

Unimat Hot Water Boiler UT-H

The UT-H boiler type is used in the case of high pressure and high temperatures requirements and for district heating or process heating applications.

  • Intuitive PLC-based boiler control with very high operating data transparency
  • High level of efficiency due to 3-pass technology, an integrated economizer and effective thermally insulating materials
  • Up to 93% boiler efficiency without or up to 96% boiler efficiency with flue gas heat exchanger and up to 105% with condensing heat exchanger
  • Suitable for all burner systems
  • Pollutant reduced combustion thanks to the use of highly developed firing systems and careful selection of the best boiler and burner combination
  • Easy maintenance - simple to inspect on both the flue gas and water side
  • Robust, reliable and unsurpassed in its durability
  • Acceptance in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive - applied almost worldwide
  • Easy to upgrade thanks to integrated modular technology
  • Smoke tube passes free of flow components
  • High permissible temperature spread of up to 40 K
  • The boiler can be equipped with a separate fourth pass in order to exploit waste heat
  • The boiler body can also be used as a pure waste heat boiler downstream of CHP units or gas turbines
  • The Unimat UT-H is a shell boiler with one flame tube, built in a 3-pass design. Flue gases flow through the flame tube and smoke tubes on the inside and boiler water flows around them on the outside. The flame tube, internal water-flushed rear flue gas reversing chamber, first smoke tube and second smoke tube are all arranged for optimum flow within the cylindrical pressure vessel.
  • The main areas of use of the UT-H hot water boiler are local and district heating generation, all sectors of business, the processing industry, heat suppliers and public facilities. These boilers are also used as base load, peak load and reserve heating boilers at district heating plants.

Like in our steam boilers, our 3-pass patent has for decades formed the basis for the outstanding and ongoing success of this series, which is still unsurpassed today. The flame tube (first pass) and two smoke tube bundles (second and third pass) are integrated in an ideal manner into the pressure vessel together with the water-flushed rear reversing chamber. The laterally positioned flame tube, and the horizontal rear and vertical front heating gas reversal produce a optimum radiant and convection heating surface with a large hot water chamber, but the external dimensions remain small. The elastic floors are connected to the boiler jacket via the large continuous flame tube and a large number of gusset stays under even load distribution.

All of our shell boilers are supplied inclusive of all equipment, i.e. as fully functional units. The basic equipment includes the boiler pressure vessel, the control and safety technology, the burner unit, a terminal box and the control cabinet including our easy-to-operate BCO boiler control.

A variety of equipment options to suit customer requirements