Unimat hot water boiler UT-H
Unimat hot water boiler UT-H
Unimat hot water boiler UT-H
Unimat hot water boiler UT-H
Hot water boiler

Unimat hot water boiler UT-H

The UT-H is an energy-efficient hot water boiler with outputs from 820 to 18,300 kW at up to 30 bar. Suitable for processes in high temperature and pressure ranges. The boiler can also convert to climate-neutral fuels which makes it a future-proof solution.

At a glance
  • High-pressure hot water boiler from 820 to 18,300 kW with very high efficiency levels
  • Versatile operation for the manufacturing industry and district heating grids with temperature levels up to 225 °C
  • Customer-specific design and future-proof technology
  • User-specific control which offers integration of other control systems and remote monitoring
  • Custom designs for heat recovery and hybrid boilers
  • Proven and reliable construction Made in Germany

Combined with a flue gas or condensing heat exchanger, the UT-H uses the energy supplied even more efficiently. Potential fuel savings of up to 15%. Additional efficiency components such as combustion optimisation and the high-quality Bosch insulation concept can further increase the efficiency of your boiler system.

The UT-H produces energy-efficient process heat as a single- or multi-boiler system in a high temperature range up to 225 °C at up to 30 bar. The Bosch boiler is particularly well suited to process heating systems in industrial and commercial applications, and to support heating plants.

Bosch builds the UT-H according to project-specific requirements and with individual equipment. The boiler and burner technology are perfectly aligned for environmentally friendly heat production. The technology can be retrofitted to run on climate-neutral fuels such as biogas, bio-oil or green hydrogen at any time.

The UT-H can be easily controlled using the Bosch CWC compact control or BCO boiler control. The pre-configured protocols enable seamless connection to your automation system. The optional MEC Remote access allows you to quickly spot any operational changes.

Bosch offers custom UT-H versions for project-specific requirements, as a heat recovery boiler with firing and fourth pass for the proportional use of waste heat or as a pure heat recovery boiler. Another option is a hybrid boiler with an electrical heater rod, for example for the use of CO2-neutral electricity.

The applied construction principle used to produce the UT-H offers advantages in terms of service life and operating safety. The arrangement of the flame tube and reversing chamber ensures consistent heating even in cold conditions and reduces stresses in the boiler. The optimised water content enables the UT-H to quickly reach its operating temperature.

Technical data
Heat transfer medium
Safety pressure
Max. temperature
Data sheets
High-pressure hot water
Three-pass flame tube/smoke tube technology
820 to 18.300 kW
up to 30 bar
up to 225 °C
Gas, oil, bio gas, bio oil, hydrogen
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