Universal Steam Boiler U-ND, U-HD
Universal Steam Boiler U-ND, U-HD
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Universal Steam Boiler U-ND, U-HD

The boiler type U-ND, U-HD combines the benefits of shell boiler technology with the effectiveness of the flame tube/smoke tube system. This is a boiler on the reverse flame principle.

At a glance
  • For a small to medium steam demand of 175 to 3,200 kg/h at up to 16 bar
  • Versatile design for use with different fuel types and as a multi-fuel firing unit (oil, gas, biogas, hydrogen)
  • Effective thermal insulation materials with a high degree of efficiency
  • Pollutant reduced combustion thanks to the use of highly developed firing systems and careful selection of the best boiler and burner combination
  • Intuitive PLC-based boiler control with the highest level of operating data transparency
  • All high pressure boiler systems are certified in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive - applied almost worldwide
  • The large-volume flame tube and the smoke tube bundle are perfectly matched to one another. The boiler is characterised by a very compact construction. We can supply the Universal steam boiler as a high pressure or low pressure steam boiler.
  • The U-HD and U-ND steam boilers are an ideal solution particularly for smaller manufacturing businesses and processing companies as well as the service industry.
  • This cost-effective shell steam boiler has an impressively compact design and offers highly economical functionality. The large, centrally located flame tube ensures that fuels are exploited to their full potential. The smoke tubes arranged concentrically around the flame tube promote optimal heat transfer.
  • By means of the reverse flame principle the flue gases in the flame tube are diverted to the front, and then deflected in the front reversing chamber door to the smoke tube areas. The pivoting boiler front door (right/left) allows convenient access for boiler and burner inspections. The high quality mineral wool matting insulation covering the entire boiler body and the special thermally insulating materials in the front door keep radiant heat loss at low levels.

Our shell boilers are supplied inclusive of all equipment, i.e. as fully functional units. The high quality basic equipment includes the boiler pressure vessel, the control and safety technology, the burner unit, a pump module, a terminal box and the control cabinet including the easy-to-operate BCO boiler control.

A variety of equipment options to suit customer requirements

Technical data
Heat transfer medium
Safety pressure
Max. temperature
Data sheets
High-pressure saturated steam
Flame tube/smoke tube technology
175 to 3,200 kg/h
up to 16 bar
up to 204 °C
Gas, oil, bio gas, bio oil, hydrogen
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Low-pressure saturated steam
Flame tube/smoke tube technology
175 to 3,200 kg/h
up to 0.5 bar
up to 110 °C
Gas, oil, bio gas, bio oil, hydrogen
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