Water Treatment Module WTM

Water Treatment Module WTM

The module is the ideal solution for softened feed water.

At a glance
  • Reliably soft feed water for preventing calcification of the boiler surfaces
  • Good heat transfer, high efficiency and long service life of the boiler
  • High degree of operational reliability
  • Quality-controlled design allows external hardness monitoring to be dispensed with – e.g. for improved utilisation of capacity and without the need for permanent supervision of operation even in the case of varying raw water hardness
  • To prevent boiler scale, boiler systems may only be used with softened feed water. The applicable guidelines for water characteristics set limits for total water hardness depending on the boiler and its mode of operation. Water softening is performed by filtering the raw water and preparing make-up water via an ion exchange process. This substitutes the ions causing the hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) with sodium ions.
  • Fully automatic systems require less operating effort, rule out the possibility of operating errors, permit continuous operation and make better use of capacity compared to manual systems used with water of comparable hardness.

All components of the water softening system come pre-fitted to a support structure, arranged for maximum clarity and functionality. The WTM is suitable for all boiler sizes.

The WTM consists of the water softening system and a salt-softening receptacle. It also includes a drainage water connection, sampling device, pressure indicator as well as control fittings, shut-off and filter valves.