Climate 8000 RAC
Climate 8000 RAC
Split air conditioning unit

Climate 8000 RAC

Are you looking to create a healthy indoor climate? This premium appliance will help you achieve this effortlessly.

At a glance

  • Ideal solution for both apartments and family homes
  • Cooling: ErP energy efficiency class A++, heating: A+
  • Improved air quality thanks to bio filters and high-density filters


The Climate 8000 RAC uses the latest inverter technology. It always automatically adjusts its performance to the current demand. This reduces power consumption to a minimum. In addition, the eco function, low standby power consumption and a timer make it easy to save energy.

The Climate 8000 RAC is all about comfort and convenience. The outdoor unit therefore operates very quietly, so you can also use the low-noise technology at night without disturbing your neighbours.

With bio filters and high-density filters as well as ultra ionizer, the Climate 8000 RAC improves the air quality in your home. Thanks to its self-cleaning function, any pathogens that are filtered out are also killed off. This prevents any pathogens from collecting in the filter. The result? A healthy indoor climate.

The self-explanatory display makes the appliance very easy to use. You have access to numerous convenience functions, such as Sleep Mode. In addition to this, a wide range of presettings and automatic functions such as Modulation Temperature Control or Airflow Control make operation even easier.