Condens 2000 W Condens 2000 W
Condensing Wall Hung Combi Boilers

Condens 2000 W

Ideal solution for those who want to meet their heating and hot water needs without compromising on quality

At a glance

  • 24 kW heating and hot water output
  • High efficiency and extremely low gas consumption using condensing technology (efficiency values up to 103%)
  • Easy to read and modern appearance with a new generation wide backlit LCD display
  • Modulating fan providing high efficiency combustion


Thanks to its noise reduction system, the Condens 2000 W is surprisingly silent in terms of sound level (36 dB (A)) even in maximum power mode.

Condens 2000 W achieves 103-percent efficiency by using the condensing technology thanks to its full modulation fan, stainless steel six-pass heat exchanger and aluminium heat recovery exchanger. It provides stepless adjustment to bring the capacity to the level required in order to meet your heating and hot water needs.

Thanks to its fixed connections at the bottom and small size, it can easily be mounted in spaces only 1 cm wider than the edges.

Room controllers compatible with the Condens 2000 W condensing combi boiler: CR10, CR50

The energy-efficiency class indicates the energy-efficiency rating of specific product. Energy-efficiency classes for other products from this line may differ.