Condens 7000i W Condens 7000i W
Condensing Wall Hung Combi Boilers

Condens 7000i W

Stylish, smart, premium quality on a budget.


  • Alternatives for different-sized spaces with 24.30 kW heating capacity and 28.35 kW hot water capacity
  • Extreme high efficiency and extreme low gas consumption using condensing technology (efficiency value 109%)
  • The special Aluminium-Silicon cast heat exchanger delivers high energy efficiency and fuel savings
  • Efficient operation thanks to its wide modulation range

The Condens 7000i W takes up very little space thanks to its compact size. Its modern design attracts attention when installed in a visible location. The Condens 7000i W comes in noble black and elegant white colours. It is the best proof that combi boilers can be extremely appealing to the eye.

The Condens 7000i W is easily and rapidly installed, thus saving time. Service and maintenance is fast and easy, as all of the key components are accessible from the front.

Silent operation (≤36 dB (A))

Room controllers compatible with the Condens 7000i W condensing combi boiler: CR10, CR50, CT100, TR15, TRZ130, TR24RF, TR36RF

The energy-efficiency class indicates the energy-efficiency rating of specific product. Energy-efficiency classes for other products from this line may differ.