Warranty period : 3 Years
Maximum Repair Period : 20 Working Days

  • The warranty period commences on the date of the delivery of the appliance and continues for the term indicated on page 1.
  • The whole of the appliance is covered by this company’s warranty, including all parts.
  • Details for use of the appliance are clearly set out in the "User Manual." . Faults arising because the consumer has used the appliance in a manner contrary to the instructions in the user guide are excluded from the warranty.
  • The question of whether or not improper use was a factor in the fault must be determined by means of a report issued by customer service centres, or, where there is no customer service centre, by, in order of preference, the vendor of the appliance, or the importer or manufacturer, and a copy of this report must be given to the consumer.
  • Consumers may take their complaints and objections to consumer courts and consumer arbitration bodies.
  • If a defect develops during the warranty period, irrespective of whether it arises from materials and labour or assembly error, the repair shall be carried out without demand for any payment for either labour, or for the cost of the parts, or on any other grounds.
  • If the appliance develops a fault during the warranty period, the period under repair shall be added to the warranty period. The maximum period for repair of the appliance shall be 20 working days. This period shall commence from the date upon which the fault was notified to the customer service centre or, if there is no customer service centre, from the date of notification of the vendor of the appliance, the dealer, the agency, the office of the representative, the importer, or the manufacturer-producer.

  • If the appliance is determined to be defective, the consumer may exercise any one of the following rights:
    • Withdraw from the contract, along with a notification that the he/she is prepared to return the appliance,
    • Retain the appliance and claim for a discount over the pro rata sales price with the defect,
    • Request for a free of charge repair, if no extreme expense is required, with all costs to be assumed by the vendor,
    • Request for the replacement of the appliance with one free of defects.

  • If the consumer exercises his/her right to have the appliance repaired without charge,
    • the appliance develops a further defect within the warranty period,
    • the maximum period required for repair is exceeded
    • or the appliance is deemed irreparable by a report issued by the customer service agent, vendor, producer or importer, the consumer may request a refund of the price of the appliance or a pro rata price reduction accounting for the defect or, if possible, that the appliance be replaced by an equivalent one free of defects.

  • If the appliance is defective and the consumer chooses to exercise his/her right to withdraw from the contract or to receive a pro rata price reduction accounting for the defect, the vendor must immediately return the total price of the appliance or refund the amount discounted from the price to the consumer.
  • If the consumer chooses to exercise his/her right to have the appliance replaced with an equivalent one free of defects, the vendor, producer or importer must comply with this request by replacing the appliance with an equivalent but defect-free appliance within a maximum of thirty days from the time of notification.
  • The warranty period of the appliances replaced under the warranty conditions shall be limited to the warranty period remaining for the appliance initially purchased.
  • If a defect covered by warranty cannot be remedied within 10 (ten) working days, an appliance with similar properties shall be provided to the consumer until the repair is completed.


Please take the precautions indicated below:

  • Install and use your appliance in accordance with the installation and operation guide.
  • If there is a fault, call our customer service agent..
  • Keep a copy of the warranty certificate together with the technical service certificate issued by the customer service agent when your appliance was first operated, and a copy of the invoice for the appliance.


  • Damage arising from carriage after delivery to the consumer, external impacts (damage and faults arising from collision, breakage, scratching or chemical agents)
  • Improper storage by customers subsequent to sale and environmental conditions
  • Damage arising from high or low voltage, or from the electrical system (the appliance energy feed is 220 Volts)
  • Damage arising from any lime, mud or contamination in water you may use in the appliance
  • Problems arising from the wrong choice of fuel, or from poor quality or contaminated fuel (problems arising from the liquefaction of gas fuel)
  • Damage arising due to the introduction of cold water when the appliance is hot or because the appliance is operated without water.
  • Problems arising because no overcurrent protection was used in the electrical system or because the electrical system was not earthed
  • Problems arising from factors external to the appliance (hazards such as natural disaster, fire, flood etc.)
  • Problems arising when using the appliance due to unsuitable environmental conditions (dust, water, contamination, damp etc.)