Bosch Termoteknik Academy continues to teach Bahçesehir University Students about HVAC Systems.


The "Bosch Termoteknik HVAC Systems" industrial course taught by Bosch Termoteknik Academy at Bahçeşehir University Engineering Faculty has continued with renewed content since 2009.

While courses with industrial information content are provided by Bosch Termoteknik Academy trainers in Bahçeşehir University within the framework of a cooperation, the university provides a discount in master degree programs to Bosch Termoteknik employees. Furthermore, Bahçeşehir University students are also offered the opportunity to complete internships at Bosch Termoteknik.

The Bosch Termoteknik HVAC Systems course is starting again in spring 2017. This course offers professional life experiences alongside industrial and technical information. It is aimed at energy engineering students and given at the Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Engineering one day per week.

Bosch Termoteknik Academy invests in the future

Bosch Termoteknik Academy shares the technical competence and know-how obtained in the industry with Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Engineering students. Within the scope of the "Bosch Termoteknik HVAC Systems" course for Bahçeşehir University Energy Engineering department, Bosch Termoteknik specialists teach lessons covering the technical subjects such as an overview of heating systems, renewable energy systems, the basic cooling and air conditioning design, as well as market research for the industry, advertising management, digital marketing and public relations. Engineering students have shown great interest in this industrial course, which was initiated by the Termoteknik Academy to raise qualified human resources for the industry.