Başkentgaz visits Bosch Termoteknik Manisa Plant


Bosch Termoteknik welcomed a group of 20 specialists from Başkentgaz to its plant in Manisa. The representatives had an opportunity to see the production processes on-site and received detailed information about the products, the changing regulations and new trends from the specialist team at Bosch Termoteknik.

Bosch Thermotechnology, one of the leading companies in the heating and cooling sector, is maintaining its activities in support of the sector. A technical tour was organized to welcome the specialist group of twenty persons from Başkentgaz to the plant in Manisa, the largest Bosch combi boiler production facility in the world.The representatives were able to see the production processes on site, and received wide-ranging information about those processes.

The specialist team at Bosch Termoteknik provided them with details of the products, the changing regulations and new trends, and they responded to questions from the participants. The participants visited the showroom of supporting digital and mobile content at the Bosch Termoteknik Innovation Centre where heating and cooling products were displayed. They concluded their tour after lunch.